Verb: MASS Sculpture End of Year Show 2021/22

22 - 25 July 2022

With this piece I found the materials and processes (the core 'elements' of my practice)

‘Verb’ Curated by Programme Co-Leaders Ian Dawson and Nicky Hirst. An end of the year show by MASS 2021/22 Studio and Off Site artists: Aileen Kelly, Alex Hegazy, Carolyn Whittaker, Chuting Lee, Diana Wolzak, Ellie Reid, Joe Madeira, Matt Foster, Nathan Anthony, Rachael Causer, Susan Young, Tania Salha, Thomas Witherick and Tina Culverhouse.

In 1967 Richard Serra wrote his famous 'Verb List', a series of what he called actions to relate to oneself, material, place, and process. Many of these doing words are apparent in our end of year exhibition. All year, in studios both on and off site, we have been rolling, creasing, twisting, weaving, chipping, knotting, flowing, suspending, heaping, collecting, layering, grouping, reflecting and supporting to bring you VERB.

I will be showing 'Elements' an installation in which I use high-performance sports clothing like compression fabrics and sweat-wicking materials. These materials are filled with wadding and stretched over plywood. The work is made of both static and moving parts inspired by the human body. Some of these parts are hanging, reflect light and change colour others are on the floor static and appear to glow. With this piece I found the materials and processes (the core 'elements' of my practice) that will allowed me to continue to research and develop my fascination with consumption, identity and self-image.


Thames Side Studios

Harrington Way, Royal Borough of Greenwich
London SE18 5NR